The PMP Total Retail Solution provides clients with the first customer-led, multi-channel solution for national catalogues.

The solution has two major elements:

A service that integrates PMP’s resources across retail intelligence, design, print and distribution, into a single solution providing cost control, production efficiencies, and dramatic speed to market advantages over your competition.

 Using customer data to better understand your customer segments, we can help your brands to plan, design, print and distribute market-segmented versions of your national catalogues.


The PMP Total Retail Solution delivers a new customer-centric approach to marketing that will help to unlock sales growth, reduce costs and increase competitive advantage.

By leveraging your investment in customer data and producing highly tailored versions of your national catalogues, you will gain:

  • Significant uplift in sales
  • Increased vendor funding due to better market penetration
  • Ability to leverage your catalogue investment across multiple channels
  • Centralised, customer-centric data that supports strategic decision making.


  • Demographics
  • Lifestyle
  • Attitudes
  • Purchasing preferences
  • Market potential


  • How old they are
  • What they buy
  • Where they shop
  • Their life-stage


  • Market penetration
  • Where to direct marketing
  • Catchment analysis


  • Seasonal factors
  • Environmental influences
  • Lifestyle changes


  • Drive time, Heat
  • Store catchment
  • Customer plots
  • Demographic profile

Content Intelligence

The content intelligence team will continually evolve through post campaign analysis across all media channels. We will ensure that all advertising activities are optimised. Channel selection will be monitored and live data fed back into the content management systems, to assist in ‘real time retailing’.

The CI team also works with a range of partners to measure the impact of each campaign, and adjust future campaigns to drive better results.


PMP Competitive Advantage

The Total Retail Solution


Target - PMP drive more effective promotions by understanding target populations, the products they consume and the best means in which to target them.


PMP works alongside your business to create marketing collateral that effectively communicates your message to your audience



PMP delivers your products into the hands of your target audience via digital, retail and letterbox solutions/channels


PMP Print brings your marketing and business collateral to life. Only PMP can offer your business the unique benefit of our National Footprint

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